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itsme® as a means of identification

What do you need?

Your mobile device with an active itsme® account

Your identity card


Download the app

Download the app from the app store. How do you find the app? Search for '' in the app store or open the links to the app in the Apple app store or the Google Play store here.


Open the app and set your preferences

Open the app. Before you start the activation, you have to approve the terms of use and you get the opportunity to manage your language and user preferences. You can always change these settings later. Finally, the app asks how you wish to activate. Select eID.


Follow the itsme® authentication process. will redirect you to your itsme® app. Confirm the request in this app by entering your itsme® PIN code.


Take a picture of the reverse side of your eID

Once your identity has been successfully verified by itsme®, itsme® will automatically redirect you to In the app, you will be asked to scan the reverse side of your identity card, more specifically the identification zone. This is required to confirm your identity conclusively.


Choose your PIN code

Finally, the app will ask you to enter a PIN code. Choose a secure PIN code, not a simple (e.g. 112233) or obvious combination (e.g. your date of birth).